Using A Clothespin To Enhance The Smell Of Your Car

This article describes how to Clothespin your Car and make it smell absolutely amazing. OK, so you’ve seen those cars with the Clothespin on them, they look so tacky and you just can’t help but wonder if they will fall off. Well now you can get yourself a clothespin for your car that not only looks good but will also last for years to come. Here’s how…

So, what exactly is a clothespin? Well, it’s simply a pin made out of either plastic or metal (usually gold or silver) that is used to stick clothes pins in your car windows. It’s probably best known as a clothesline as you can use them in any car window (ie: a windscreen), but you can use them in any window and not just the windscreen. And by placing the clothespin over your glass you will be able to add a little something to the car that smells really nice. With this trick using a clothespin your car will smell absolutely amazing.

So, what is the best material to use? Obviously cotton is a very popular option as they’re very easy to clean and they do a good job too. But you can also use cloth or silk, they work well but are a little harder to clean. You can even use fabric softener if you want your windows to smell a little better. I recommend a fragrance-free type of cloth.

OK, so how do you place the clothespin in your car window? Well the trick is simple – just lift it out of the corner and attach it to the inside of the window. Using a screwdriver, carefully slide it in and out of the windows until it is secure. The cloth or silk can be placed on top of the clothespin to stop it slipping.

Now here’s another neat trick, if you have a bottle of Cologne in your car then when you get home take it out and spray it in one of the crevices of your windows (make sure you don’t do the whole window). This way when you come back someone will think it was you will smell like you’ve been taking a nice long bath. Be careful though, as some of these fragrances may cause an allergic reaction and cause a stench. But still it’s a great way to keep your car smelling fresh.

So there we have it, these are just some of the many benefits of using this simple tip to improve the smell of your car. As I said before, it’s not the most exciting trick out there but that’s what makes it really fun. Just think of all the neat ideas you can come up with using this method. If you use it a lot then I’m sure it’ll keep you using it for quite a while.

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